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Discovery Bay: DB North Plaza, Shop No. G26A, Ground Floor, 96 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay, Lantau Island T: +852-2172-6111 F: +852-2172-67111

Tung Chung: Shop N, G/F, Seaview Crescent Retail, 8 Tung Chung Waterfront Road, Tung Chung, Lantau Island T: +852-2172-7780 F: +852-2172-7719

SaiYingPun/SheungWan: 88 Queens Rd West,  G/F Hong Kong                             852-2602-6982

Ma Wan: G/F, 66 Tin Liu New Village, Ma Wan, New Territories                             852-2602-0093


North Plaza
Discovery Bay
Hong Kong


Chef's Choice is a specialty meat store in Hong Kong featuring fresh meat and seafood products sourced from global suppliers focused on quality.



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It Takes All Kinds of Sausages

Steven Cleghorn

We hope you've noticed that our shops have an amazing variety of sausages. All of our sausages are produced locally and are truly gourmet. 

Why can we call our sausages gourmet? Quite simply, we know exactly what goes into every sausage we sell. All of the sausages produced at our supplier, Food Square, start with one principle in mind: use only the best premium ingredients. To start, only high quality, whole cuts of fresh meat are used. Added flavor comes from fresh vegetables and spices. Only natural casings are used. 

Click on the image to see our gallery of sausages.

Click on the image to see our gallery of sausages.

Chef’s Choice sausages do not contain:

  • MSG
  • Fillers
  • Trim or scrap meat
  • Preservatives

Once you try our sausages you’ll never go back to commercial, long shelf life, who knows what’s in them sausages. 

Keeping it fresh keeps it healthy! 

Check out this SAUSAGE link. OK, bad pun.

Some Sausage History 

  • The word sausage comes from the Latin word 'salscius', meaning 'prepared by salting'.
  • Sausages were mentioned in The Odyssey which was written over 2700 years ago.
  • In the fourth century, the Catholic Church banned sausages because they were associated with pagan festivals. 
  • During WWII, sausages were called Bangers because they had so much water in them, they exploded when fried. 


  • Food Square Sausages comply with all Hong Kong food safety laws.
  • Food Square complies with HACCP principles including segregated workstations for meats, seafood, and poultry.
  • The plant is subject to inspection at any time and is operated at the highest standards.
  • Nothing at the plant is ever allowed to sit directly on the floor.
  • All of our meat is carefully inspected using the latest technology.

Sausage Cooking Tips

Sausages should be cooked slowly over medium heat and will only burst if cooked too quickly. Keeping the casing intact keeps the flavor in. 

Pan fry your sausage until brown, reduce the heat to medium, add a couple tablespoons of water and cover until completely cooked. This will ensure your sausage is cooked completely through. 

Poach your sausage in beer then pan fry it on low to medium heat turning it often so the casing won't break. 

Let us know your favorite sausage recipe in the comments below. 

Sausage Trivia

The record for the most sausages eaten in one minute is held by Stefan Paladin (New Zealand) who ate eight whole sausages at the Ericsson Stadium, Auckland, New Zealand on 22 July 2001. The sausages measured 10cm in length and 2cm in width.

The Sausage Duel

Rudolf Virchow

Rudolf Virchow

Rudolf Virchow was a German physician, anthropologist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist, writer, editor, and politician, known for his advancement of public health. He is known as “the father of modern pathology” because his work helped to discredit humourism, bringing more science to medicine. He is also known as the founder of social medicine and veterinary pathology, and to his colleagues, the “Pope of medicine”.

As a co-founder and member of the liberal party (Deutsche Fortschrittspartei) he was a leading political antagonist of Bismarck. He was opposed to Bismarck’s excessive military budget, which angered Bismarck sufficiently to challenge Virchow to a duel in 1865. Of the two versions, one has Virchow declining because he considered dueling an uncivilized way to solve a conflict. The second has passed into legend, but was well documented in the contemporary scientific literature. It has Virchow, having been the challenged and therefore entitled to choose the weapons, selecting two pork sausages, a normal sausage, and another one, loaded with Trichinella larvae. His challenger declined the proposition as risky.


Did you hear about the guy who was scared of German sausages?

I guess he just feared the wurst.

Not the wurst, but it sounds like you're somewhere near the Ballpark, Frank.

Fun fact: German "Es ist Wurst" means "doesn't matter"